W1 girls putting the distance on Churchill in Pembroke Regatta. Look at that poise!
M1 boys pressing Downing to the last drop.
W2 cruise down the Pembroke Regatta course.
W1 at the start of a successful Newnham Short Course race.
M1 pushing through at NSC.
W2 racing in the NSC.
W3 speeding round grassy in NSC.
M3 happily rowing down the Newnham Short Course.
Welcome to the biggest society at Trinity Hall!
W1 securing their position as the 3rd fastest crew in the Winter Head to Head.
Finishing off a great Michaelmas term with a wonderful BCD.
W1 taking 3rd place overall in Fairbairns 2018.
M1 finishing as the 2nd fastest 4+, crushing King's and showing who's boss in Fairbairns 2018.
First crews at Leander dinner hosted by Walter Scott.
W1 and M1 after successful Autumn Head races.
First Men's 4+ flying down the course at Uni Fours semi-finals.

Word from the Captain

Welcome to Trinity Hall Boat Club! As a new year approaches, there are many things we are able to look back and reflect on. The COVID-19 pandemic has touched all aspects of life, and THBC is no exception to that. Despite difficulties over the past two years, the opportunity to slow down has allowed us the opportunity to adapt and evolve.

This club has been an immense growing space for me throughout my time at Cambridge. From being surrounded by cheery and welcoming people, to finally not being the tallest in the room anymore, THBC has always felt like a place I belong. It is a community with a rich and decorated history, and each year we continue to build upon that legacy and forge our path of success. We have already begun to reshape that path in the past year, beginning to reintroduce sculling into our training in the Easter of 2021 and seeing seniors and novices alike enjoy learning a new skill. Though racing over the past academic year has been scarce, we saw seven crews start off in the eights regatta that replaced bumps in Easter last year. In Michaelmas of this year, our novices have managed to get in some good racing experience - with a highlight being the success of NW1 winning Emma Sprints! Our success in the Fairbairns Cup was seen across the club with both M1 and W1 finished in the top 10 in their categories, and a wonderful performance from our Alumni boat! Other senior crews did especially well, with special mentions to M2, W2 and M3 who came an incredible 2nd, 5th and 2nd in their respective categories! Our novices again had an amazing set of results. NM1 were unlucky with traffic and were crashed into but raced a great race with their best row of the term. NM2 had a great race which placed them 4th in their division, whilst NW1 and NW2 both placed at a very strong 3rd in their respective categories. This has been an amazing set of results, and the fierce determination of the entire club will continue to serve us into the Lents and Mays this year.

The community spirit and friendliness that has been harnessed within this club is something I am immensely proud of. Over the weeks and months I have had the opportunity to watch people grow into stronger, more confident members of this club - always warm and welcoming. The enthusiasm, excitement and support of this community is what makes those early and frosty mornings worth it, and it is the friendships that are built on those networks of support which we will take with us beyond graduation.

We would not have the opportunity to take to the river every year if it weren’t for the endless support and hard work of so many people. This undoubtedly includes our coaches, whether current students, or alumni like Stephan, Bex and, newly recruited, Laura, who have all been so fantastic - truly showing that you are a Black and White long after you hang up your gown! Our head coach, Paul, is a source of constant support and encouragement, with knowledge, experience and a sense of humour that keeps us all pushing and smiling more than we ever thought we could. The continued generous support of our alumni is an inexplicably huge part of shaping the future of this club and has enabled us to storm the Cam with a whole flotilla of black and white boats!

May the New Year continue to see this Club, and all its members, flourish!

Row Hall!

Isobel Nicholl and Sam Riley - THBC Captains 2021/22